Course No. Course Title Credit
DS1010 Introduction to Data Science and Engineering 1-0-0-1
DS5003 Data Engineering 3-0-3-5
DS3010 Machine Learning 3-0-3-5
DS2010 Introduction to Optimization 3-0-0-3
DS5005 Optimization 3-0-0-3
DS2030 Data Structure and Algorithm for Data Science 3-0-3-5
DS2020 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 3-0-2-4
DS3040 Deep Learning 3-0-0-3
DS2040 Computer Systems for Data Science 3-0-3-5
DS3020 Database Systems 3-0-3-5
DS5102 Big Data Lab 0-0-3-3
DS5102 Data Analytics 2-0-3-4
DS5603 Information Retrieval 3-0-0-3
DS3060 AI Ethics 2-0-0-2
DS6004 Responsible Artificial Intelligence 3-0-0-3
DS3020 Natural Language Processing 3-0-0-3
DS5602 Computer Vision 3-0-0-3
DS5608 Time Series modelling and analysis 3-0-0-3

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