IIT Palakkad offers two research programmes, Master of Science (2 years) and PhD (5 Years) in the area of Data Science, which is organised by the department. It has a vibrant research community with scholars and faculty, working on various aspects of data science, including machine learning, data mining, big data analytics, and computer vision. We focus on developing advanced algorithms and prototypes that are used to tackle challenging real- world problems in various domains such as healthcare, agriculture, and transportation. We also collaborate with industry partners and other academic institutions to bring their cutting-edge research to bear on practical applications. 

Our research community broadly covers the following core research areas:

  • AI and Machine learning: Kernel Learning, Multiview Learning, Robust Optimization and Convex Optimization for Large Data, Anomaly Detection in Time Series, Privacy-aware Learning, Bayesian Model.
  • Systems for AI: Computer Vision, Architecture for Deep Learning, Energy-efficient and High-performance Systems for Multimedia Applications, Energy-aware Algorithms for Signal Processing to efficient architecture design,  Low-power VLSI circuit implementation.
  • Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing: Harvesting Knowledge from Text and Web Tables; Knowledge Base Curation,  Question-Answering, Building Smart Indices for Efficient Similarity Search.
  • Information Theory and Statistics: Statistical Learning and Inference, Federated Learning, Mathematical Statistics.


Research Admission July 2023 is open now. Please visit the portal to apply. 

Deadline: 30th April

You can find the brochure here.